April 28th, 2009

This aint your daddy’s office space!

So somewhat related to my previous post regarding environmental influence on creativity, This Aint No Disco is a cool site dedicated to featuring unique and inspiring workplaces.

Go and take a visit and enjoy (or even drool over) some of the workplaces listed.

2 Responses to “This aint your daddy’s office space!”

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    Eagerly went to the site to see what I’ve been missing but their photo integration is currently down – all the pix are kind of a small dull grey box – and I thought – hey, I’ve worked there, and there and there…. Will circle back when the photos are back – I need some motivation

  2. Darin Burris says:
    Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 Mac OS X

    @David Hainlin To bad the site wasn’t working for you when you went there. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to revisit since.

    I’ve always had a thing about my working environment and it’s impact on the way I think and work. Some people can get stuff done anywhere, I don’t seem to have that gift.

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