April 23rd, 2009

Can your physical environment influence creativity?

I’ve always hated fluorescent lighting, even to the point of climbing on a chair at work to twist the bulbs until they turned off. Is there a correlation between your physical workplace, or any environment for that matter, and your level of creativity? I’ve always felt so and a recent article over at Scientific American spends some time looking at the theory.

So what’s your take? Does it matter if your working in a government-like building dressed in gray and flooded in fluorescence, or a swank and colorful loft soaked in incandescence and adorned with bean bags?

2 Responses to “Can your physical environment influence creativity?”

  1. raginmund hiltibrandt says:
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    I don’t mind … I feel that I can be creative no matter where I am. My mind is the environment I need to my creativity, as long as I can clear the “uncola nut” and fill it with what’s needed for a creation … then I am set. My mind can visualize that I am inside the chaos that my creation is in.

  2. darinburris says:
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    Thanks for the reply, raginmund. I find myself at a disadvantage in that my environment exerts a large amount of influence on my thinking in general, not to mention my creative inspiration.

    I can’t help but think of the author that escapes to the mountain retreat in order to acquire the isolation sometimes necessary top focus and get the book completed. For me it’s not much different, whether it’s a place to escape, or a location for that added bit of creative influence, my environment plays a huge influence on me and my work.


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